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Dermabien® Biotechnology

From research to production, from production to sales, the indispensable principle of Dermabien is to give the utmost importance to customer needs & expectations and their well-being with innovative products, without sacrificing in the quality.

Protection of the skin health is our top priority. All our products are developed by our dermatologist Dr. Aslı Eralp together with a team of expert chemists and pharmacists. Also our research program is continuing at full speed on other innovative products to address our customers’ specific needs. Not to mention that all the formulations are being tested dermatologically.

Dermabien, a brand powered by science and technology proudly presents Dermasolar, Dr. Aesthetics, Dermisvital and Acn-non with proven effectiveness to the skin, build upon high quality natural derma cosmetic materials and produced under good manufacturing practice (GMP) conditions.

User Comments

My skin feels great and looks brighter due to its long-lasting effect and fine texture.

Didar E., Engineer

One of the reasons why I prefer using Dr. AEsthetics® sunscreen is that it does not contain paraben.

Sıdıka T., Teacher

DERMASOLAR® is the sun protection skin care product I have recently started using and now I cannot give it up.

Ayşegül D., Public Relations

Suitable for all skin types and skin tones. Easy to apply and use.

Serkan H., Actor

There is no need to use extra foundation with Dermasolar®.Thank you :)

Songül E., Doctor

I’m a Rosacea patient and for years there isn’t a suncream left that I haven’t tried. Dr. AEsthetics® is the ideal cream for me, as it has concealing properties and texture, this in turn gives a brightness to my skin.

Sema T., Housewife